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This game prototype was created over a few days in November of 2022 for the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad) "Finish Your Game" Jam. While the jam encourages returning to work on a previous project, it also welcomes starting new projects as well. The theme was "transition", and though I intended to apply that theme to a previous work I had intended to someday finish, I kept crashing against motivational walls, so I eventually decided to take the clearer path of a new project instead. After first working on a Steamdeck-centric prototype during a previous jam, I wanted to continue creatively playing in that direction, and I feel confident I'll be doing more of this in the future.

The following embedded video is a visual gameplay demo but contains no audio.

Player Input:

  • Steamdeck or Controller (if playing the windows build on a PC) required!
    • Left and Right analog sticks for all player character input.
    • Start to restart.
    • Select to quit.


Technical Notes:

  • This prototype was designed and programmed for the Steamdeck's default 1280x800 resolution; there is no option to fullscreen if playing on a different device/display.
  • There is currently no audio.

Designer Notes:

  • If you play this, especially if you go through the necessary steps to play this on a Steamdeck, please leave a comment on if you feel this is worth me investing any further development effort; thanks!

The following embedded video, from my previous Steamdeck prototype, details the process for installing an Itch game on to the Deck:


FYG_2022.zip 2 MB

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