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This game, built within Nintendo's Game Builder Garage software, was created over a few days for the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad) 2021 August Summer Slow Jam. The technical theme was "cliffhanger" and the creative theme was "this isn't even my final form".

This page was prepared in order to properly, officially submit this game to the jam.

GAME ID: G 001 TC5 6RD

To play, you will need:

  • A Nintendo Switch console (standard or lite)
  • A copy of Game Builder Garage (digital or physical)
  • An active Nintendo Switch Online account (to retrieve the shared game)
  • A second player (local)
  • And two joycons (one per player; or one half of the lite per player)

The game can be played with the Switch flat on a surface and each player holding an unattached joycon; or with the Switch suspended flat between the players with each holding an attached joycon; or even with both players sitting side-by-side, each with one hand on their respective attached joycon, Play whichever way feels comfortable for both players.

The inspiration for this game came from the "sumo" style mini-games found in the Mario Party series. I took the theme word "cliff" literally and set the ring atop a mountain (presented in overhead view). I used darkening colors and cloud shadow effects to accentuate depth. To include the theme of "not my final form" I setup a randomizer for each player which selects and sets one of thirteen character options at the start of each match.

To keep things fun for the players and simple for the randomizer, the game instant restarts after one player wins the match. The winner of the match is shown visually (especially helpful if both players randomly get the same character piece); however, there is no overall score tracker. Rapid paced, gleeful competition takes precedence. For ease of gameplay, all player controls remain visible on screen.

The shared build inside GBG is not write-protected; therefore, you can view the programming setup, and even mess around with the nodon building blocks yourself. Be warned, I did not use comment nodons. Also, the layout started becoming a bit haphazard as I discovered previously unknown limitations of the software (GBG hides a lot of useful, important knowledge in its nodopedia which it doesn't mention anywhere else). Most of the creation and nodon layout was done in overhead view mode. If you're curious about any aspect of the game's programming or layout, feel free to comment or contact me.

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