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Made using GameMaker Studio 2 in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2020!

An adorable alien menace is being quite a nuisance aboard your spaceship, do your best to repeatedly repair the systems the cuddly beast keeps playfully powering down. Our game consists of simple controls but a quickly escalating need for urgency. The game can be played from start to end in about 5 minutes.


  • Josiah Kelly (Audio)
  • Eric Cloutier (Art)
  • Sarah Landstrom (Art)
  • Nathan Tiganescu (Programming)
  • Pete Vellucci Jr (Programming)

Jam Site: 


  • Arrow keys to move (there is no interact button, just walk over stuff)
  • F4 to switch between windowed & fullscreen
  • F5 if the programming breaks and you need to restart

Known Issues:

  • There are three music tracks of increasing intensity that play out over the short course of the game, a flashing red overlay is supposed to trigger on the start of the second track, and the flashing is set to increase on the start of the third track; for some reason which we did not have time to deduce, the initial flashing does not always trigger on the second song (and in these instances seemingly also never shows up for the third). The flashing is a visual element which greatly lends to the increasing loss of control, and it is a shame not all players get to experience that.
  • It is possible to accidentally “skip” the game’s ending scene. It requires a decision be made by use of the same buttons the player has been pressing all game, and because the scenes switch so rapidly from final play moment to decision screen, a player switching key presses at that time may unintentionally make a selection without even having time to read the text on the final screen.

Because of these two thematically important issues, a video of an “ideal” playthrough has been uploaded to youtube:

Release date Feb 01, 2020
AuthorsRohifi, Sarah Landstrom
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Arcade
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksOfficial Global Game Jam Submission Page


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Global Game Jam 2020 - Galactic Grimalkin

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