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This game was initially created for Global Game Jam 2021 (our original jam submission can be found using the link); this Itch hosted version is an extension of the jam build and contains one full additional mini-game scene as well as numerous improvements to the previous scenes, additional audio, bug fixes, and just an overall cleaner experience.

"you are Jimathon going to business, work, accomplishing. very relatable. promotion or fired? who knows!!!!!!!!!!???!!!!!!"

Player Input:

  • Mouse (left click and drag)
  • ESC for quit menu


  • Jesse J. Jones (art and direction)
  • Pete Vellucci Jr. (programming)
  • Kyle 'Kylazaur' Charles (audio sfx)
  • Joep "Whirlguy" de Jong (audio bgm)

Jam Site:

Technical Note:

  • This game was programmed at a default 1920x1080 resolution and coded around the 16:9 aspect ratio. Playing on a display with a different ratio may produce undesired visual issues.
  • Pressing the Escape key brings up an "option to quit" menu, which may potentially cause game play issues within the current or subsequent scenes. It is recommended not to press the Escape key unless you are prepared to quit the game, or at the end where the credits repeatedly roll.


JimathonBusiness.zip 87 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run executable. Game runs in forced fullscreen and can not be windowed.


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thanks :)


This made my day hahaha. 


Thanks so much for playing, enjoying, and sharing our game with others this way; we truly appreciate it!