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This game was created over a few weeks in June of 2022 for the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad) June Summer Slow Jam. The technical theme was "character creator" and the creative theme was "unintended consequences"; we hope you enjoy our little rogue-like tale of mice and mad science!

This game randomizes a lot of its elements at the beginning of play; it is possible to get an easy run, requiring only four "key" items be collected, up to a hard run, requiring eight "key" items be collected -- these are the apparent minimum and maximum of the current randomizer. If you feel you are having a difficult time seeing the game through to the end, which is worth it in our opinion, you can continually restart to try and find an easier randomization.

We have also implemented cheat codes to help players see the entirety of our work: at any point after the player character begins accepting player input in the starting lab room, you may type the word "cube" for player invincibility, and you may type the word "pig" to automatically collect all the key items and trigger the end game -- this will be instantly noticeable if you type this in the lab room, otherwise you'll be instructed to "return to the lab" to experience the end game.

Player Input:

  • This game offers dual keyboard schemes (left side and right side), as well as gamepad support (works best with an xbox style gamepad).
  • All control schemes can be viewed within the game.
  • Pressing TAB will toggle the gamepad scheme on/off.


Mad Limbs Score available for streaming here: https://soundcloud.com/jamesgameboy/sets/mad-limbs

Technical Note:

This game has a number of special functions to assist with playability. In addition to the cheat codes mentioned above, you may also use the following funtions:

  • F1 to Force Restart.
  • F2 to toggle the player movement sfx (footsteps, wheel squeaks, wing flaps) on/off.
  • F3 to toggle the lighting effect of the "darkroom" on/off.

To avoid unintended graphical issues, the game launches in windowed mode at its intended resolution of 1366x768; if you wish to force it into full screen, it is recommend to do so at the title screen, as doing so during gameplay may cause issues.


Mad Limbs 54 MB

Install instructions

For Windows: just unzip anywhere and run the exe.

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